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Mini-hotels in St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg hotels offer a wide range of accommodation from luxury suites and VIP-standard double

Many hotels and St Petersburg is replete with various representatives of the hotel industry, offering their services. We invite you to the new hotel. If you appreciate the comfort and friendliness of staff. If it is important for you to be on the highest level, and you want to pleasant memories about St. Petersburg add pleasant impression of the place of residence, then our hotel is what you need. If you prefer ritzy vacations and enjoy lots of free space, for you there are deluxe rooms. If you prefer a more modest and pouûtnee, for you are the small standard rooms. All rooms are single and double. We also offer family rooms for you. Stop at our hotel choosing hotels and St Petersburg is the city is loaded with them, he not only new and comfortable, it is located in the heart of the city, close to the main attractions and major transportation hubs.