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St. Petersburg Hotels. Advance reservation and accommodation of guests of the northern capital.

St. Petersburg hotels offer.

St. Petersburg hotels offer services for those who come to visit our wonderful city. New hotel «Piter House invites you to visit our city, while staying in our rooms. Not all St. Petersburg Hotels can boast of such a level of service which is organized in our hotel. We invite our guests to rooms at even the most pretentious taste. You can make your stay in St Petersburg unforgettable, if you stay in our hotel.

, probably to explain advantageously differs from the search for room reservations lodgings, when you`ve already arrived at the scene. We make reservations by telephone or on the Internet. In addition to excellent service, our hotel has a very significant advantage. many hotels of St. Petersburg wanted would occupy the place, where the 'House' Piter. We are located in the historic city centre, close to the Metro and the train station, so getting to us without further ADO it is possible at any time.