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Mini-hotels in St. Petersburg

A brief description of the hotel

Venice Of The North.

Petersburg meets grey winds and evening lights, drizzling rain and warm smiles, unrivaled smell near the sea and a fine romance streets where lined up in a row waiting for tourists in hotels of St. Petersburg. Venice of the North, as they call, greets guests at the airport or the train station and the threshold they can enjoy all the hospitality and cosiness. And where is the best thing to do, as in most modern hotels of the city? Discover our comfortable mini-hotels in St. Petersburg turns for every guest of this measure of high comfort and the best rest.

Mini hotels.

Mini hotels, which has already become famous modern Petersburg, created to satisfy the slightest wishes its guests so that they in turn can enjoy lovely city, relax and not to worry because such 'trifles,' as Genesis and overnight. The hotels of St. Petersburg is the proximity to the attractions of the city and its well-developed infrastructure, need not look far, everything you need is right under your nose, you just look out the window.

Piter House

We suggest you visit one of our mini-hotels 'Piter House' — one of the most accessible hotels in the city,   is located in the heart of St. Petersburg. Hotels St Petersburg always were famous for their impeccable service, cozy and comfortable, which ensured their visitors, hotel «Piter House 'is a double comfort, coziness and comfort to satisfy the most demanding requests of the guest and Captivate the most demanding guest. Located in the heart of the Venice of the North, hotels of St. Petersburg is always welcome and a warm welcome, this is the kind of smile that location and courtesy, this is something without which do not think the present Peter.

Gathering in the northern capital.

If you like, comfortable hotels, Peter and refined holidays-the door of our mini hotel is always welcoming open for you. The charm of the palaces of the day, and at night — warm cozy bed in our hotel room will leave you the best impressions of St. Petersburg, a city of contrasts, which, however, is quiet and measured life. And mini-hotels of the city, in particular our ' House Piter is the personification of this peaceful and relaxed his half. Gathering in the northern capital, from a wide list of hotels we recommend our ' House Piter . Why? After having gathered all the best that can offer modern hotels, Peter will open for you with gorgeous hand through the Windows of our hotel ' House Piter . Standing out amid the rest of his sincere and very special warmth, it will surely captivate your heart. That is why our ' House Piter ' is among the best hotels of the northern capital. Mini hotels is the personification of the friendliness of the city, it expressed the desire of Peter`s surprise, delight and please their visitors. Why mini hotels? Has in the eyes of their inhabitants and guests of the northern capital St. Petersburg status cannot ignore the coziness of your own visitors. And what is even better able to answer your criteria as not mini-hotels? Each city that gives you warmth, comfort, caring, unique sense of home. All hotels in the city are renowned for their attitude towards the guests, which is why Peter come again and again. ' House Piter '-the best of the Hotels — invites you to the northern capital is a city-a fairy tale, giving a lot of beautiful experiences and emotions, meet new people and unexpected encounters. When searching for mini hotels choose our hotel. Dream City-St. Petersburg invites you to visit the hotel ' House Piter . Come will not regret!  

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